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A year on from repeal, can you keep helping our clients?

What a difference a year makes – but people who need abortions are still travelling

We’ve come a long, long way since 12 months ago, when the Irish people voted to repeal the draconian eighth amendment. The legislation and provision helps many – even most – people in Ireland who need an abortion.

But ASN is still getting calls from those in Ireland who most need our help, as well as people from Northern Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man who need support, information and funding to travel for their abortion care.

Please, donate today to help clients like Sara who said: “Sorry for crying, I’m just so overwhelmed, I thought it was too late to ask, I really didn’t expect you to give me any money, thank you so much, thank you so much”

ASN is reliant on people like you. A donation of just £10 a month will help us fund more abortions for more women who desperately need your help.

*Whatever you can donate will be gratefully received, but if you’re able to donate £10 or more per month or £25 or more as a one-off gift, we’ll send you an ASN pin badge in return.

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